It used to be that because of their size, private schools couldn’t afford the same benefits as large public institutions. But now, thanks to the pooled buying power of our unique ED-VANTAGE® program, qualified private schools can get top-tier benefits packages with lower rates, more efficient administration, and superior value, meaning:

  • School leadership saves money (up to 18%!)
  • Administrators save time and effort
  • Faculty and staff get high-quality benefits for less

ED-VANTAGE is the edge your institution—and budget—have been looking for.


What is ED-Vantage?

Our ED-VANTAGE Program is an Alliance for Private School Benefits (APSB), a unique kind of Insurance Trust offered only by Heath Benefit Partners, backed by over 30 years of benefits experience, and endorsed by the National Private Education & Affiliates Association (NPEAA), a non-profit industry group.

How does it work?

With the economies of size and favorable risk profiling achieved by combining multiple qualified schools into a group with thousands of participants, ED-VANTAGE delivers high-quality benefits at prices most private schools simply couldn’t get otherwise.

What can my school expect?

  • Lower Benefits Rates (Up to 18% less!)—The dramatically improved buying power of our large qroups and lower risk profiles allows us to qualify all participating schools for tiers with lower costs and/or increased benefits.
  • High-Quality Programs—Using only major carriers, including Anthem/Blue Cross.
  • Flexibility in tailoring you individuals school’s plans—NOT a one-size-fits-all.
  • Streamlined Administration—Your Dedicated Benefits Advocates team—backed by advanced technologies—are ready to support you at all stages, including eligibility management, on-boarding, reporting, reconciling forms, administration, and more. They’re experts at helping you navigate the health care system, get referral assistance, locate leading providers, contest any coverage issues that may arise, and lower risk profiles to fit into targeted tiers. Read more about all the ways our full range of benefits services and experienced teams can serve as an extension of your human resources department—at enrollment time and all year long—right here: HeathBP Services & Benefits
  • Long-Term Advantages—Being part of a large group helps avoid the substantial annual trend increases you’ve likely faced. Plus, working with Heath Benefit Partners ensures ongoing attention to maximizing benefits, and guarding against future increases in premiums.
  • Confidence and Security—ED-VANTAGE is supported by Heath Benefit Partners’ 30 years of specialized knowledge and experience, and endorsed by the National Private Education & Affiliates Association (NPEAA).
  • Enhanced Morale, Retention, & Recruiting—Having a top-quality benefits plan is an important part of attracting and retaining the best faculty and staff.

How do we get started?

Easy. Just call #(866) 770-1589 toll-free to speak with one of our senior ED-VANTAGE executives, or click here to e-mail us for more information. But don’t delay—there’s a new group being put together right now!


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