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Yes, you can buy insurance online. But when it comes to personal insurance, many individuals want the peace of mind you can only get from talking with a trusted advisor. Health care reform has changed many things, but it hasn’t really made it easier to choose the right health plan for yourself or your family. The individual marketplace, especially in California, remains a mystery to many, with nuances that actually do affect your access to medical services and benefits.

As licensed agents for Covered California, we can help you evaluate and purchase options offered through the state’s health insurance exchange, or purchase insurance outside of the Covered California website.

As insurance experts, we’ll give you the kind of advice we’d give our own family and friends. In fact, we’ll help you assess all your personal insurance needs, including health, life, and disability, if you like. Obtaining the right insurance coverage means better health, financial security, and the ability to sleep at night. Important stuff. We’d love to help you with that.

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