It used to be that private schools couldn’t afford the same benefits as large public institutions. But now, thanks to the pooled buying power of our unique EdVantage insurance trust, qualified private schools can get top-tier benefits packages with lower rates, more efficient administration, and superior value.

Finally you can take control over rising health plan rates with little negotiating power, complex administration with paper enrollment, and limited plan selection. The trust provides clout and real purchasing power by pooling hundreds of qualified private schools and thousands of employees into a large group, giving your school economies of scale and leveraging the favorable risk profile of the education industry.

Meaningful savings for your CFO

It’s no secret there is strength in numbers when it comes to negotiating better health benefit rates. And while public schools have been able to save big through their combined purchasing power, those savings have not been readily available to private schools, until now. The EdVantage trust:

  • Leverages the favorable health risk profile of the education industry
  • Harnesses the purchasing power of hundreds of schools
  • Protects your school from big rate increases through large group pooled risk
  • Saves you up to 18% while improving coverage with Anthem Blue Cross, one of the biggest and best insurers in the US.


Our new program makes it faster and easier to help your employees decide on the right plan, while solving some of the biggest headaches of benefit administration, including ACA reporting and cumbersome paper enrollment forms. Simplified benefit administration includes:

  • Secure state of the art online benefit admin portal
  • 24/7 employer and employee self-service web portals
  • Seamless electronic eligibility data transfers
  • Tools to simplify the billing reconciliation process
  • Features that help with healthcare reform compliance
  • Real time access to billing information


Great benefit programs help attract great people. By combining with other schools, we can offer Anthem Blue Cross, a premier insurer, at rates you can afford. Here are just some of the benefits for your team:

  • Affordable plans with reasonable co-pays for Doctor visits and prescriptions, so they can get the care they need
  • Plans that allow your team to seek care from the Doctor of their choice
  • Plans for those who need a little care or a lot of care
  • Plans with guided access or direct access to care
  • Plans designed to keep their out of pocket cost low
  • Plans that balance their out of pocket & out of paycheck costs

Get Started

Joining our EdVantage program will allow you to offer a wider variety of benefit options with lower rates, paperless enrollment with simplifed administration, and a superior level of value compared to what your school would be able to obtain on its own. To speak with a representative and get more information and a proposal, click below. We will get back to you within one business day to arrange a phone call.


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