Corporate Benefits Consulting

We are independent, we are agile, we are nimble – just like you. Whether you have 10 employees or hundreds of employees, you’ve got to run a tight race. Get distracted, and you lose. Health care reform, for example, has increased business complexity for employers. Cost control and compliance remain perennial concerns, and can critically derail a business that doesn’t stay on top of these issues.

You can rely on your Heath Benefit Partners team to sort through the critical issues for you, and to deliver ready solutions.

We will interpret and apply health care reform mandates. We will manage benefit costs while building a plan that has value and appropriate coverage networks for those insured. We will act as your go-to advisor on regulatory matters and we will support the long-term administration of your plan. And because we offer turnkey benefits planning, you can also trust Heath to bring dental, disability, 401(k) and other key plans into your overall benefits program. Our qualified professionals look forward to addressing the many benefit options available to your executives, employees and dependents.