Exclusive Savings For Qualified Schools

Heath Benefit Partners is uniquely positioned to provide both savings and streamlined administration through a brand new Private Schools Trust. The trust levels the playing field for schools of all sizes looking for quality group health insurance at better rates. Sponsored by the National Private Educators and Affiliates Association (NPEAA), and offered in cooperation with Anthem Blue Cross, the trust provides schools with group health insurance options at composite rates, with simplified underwriting and flexible plan design.

With similar needs, closely watched budgets and limited administrative resources, independent schools like yours can benefit from participating in our exclusive Private Schools Trust.

Save Up to 18% on Your Health Insurance Premiums

By purchasing through the trust, your school can take advantage of greater buying power and secure better rates than on the open market. Not every school will qualify for the program, but those that do will realize significant savings. How does it work?

By leveraging the favorable risk profile, risk pooling, and taking advantage of the purchasing power of thousands of employees, we take healthy groups and combine them into one group pool to obtain rates that you simply can’t get on your own.

Flexible, Top-Quality Plans

All programs offered through Heath Benefit Partners’ Private Schools Trust are designed with the needs of private schools in mind, but with the flexibility to tailor plans for your particular school. These are top quality plans that will help you remain competitive as you work to attract and retain the best faculty and staff.

Streamlined Administration

With the Private Schools Trust, it is faster and easier to decide on the right plan for your school. The administration of your benefit plan can be a distraction from your core business – the business of education. Through exclusive provisions of the Trust, you will be able to lighten your load while saving money.

  • Limit the impact of Affordable Care Act by removing plan restrictions
  • Get composite rates – one rate for all employees
  • Benefit from simplified underwriting
  • Access the best in technology, state-of-the-art automated enrollment and billing to improve efficiency and guarantee accuracy

Once your benefit plan is in place, as always, your Heath consultant will help you obtain favorable pricing, enroll your employees and follow up on any administration year-round.

Call 866-770-1589 or submit a request to find out if you qualify for this exclusive program.